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Our Company

With years of experience in the global security and investigations industries, XFOR Security Solutions Ltd gives companies and institutions the advantage they need to protect their assets and conduct business with confidence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build robust and lasting client relationships based on trust, offering superior customer service, innovation and commitment whilst demonstrating operational excellence in our field of expertise by focusing on our clients priorities.

Our strategy for delivering on our mission is centred on our unique ability to combine the operational expertise of former British Military resources with the cultural knowledge and tactical abilities of former African Military employees.

By bringing diverse experiences together, XFOR Security Solutions matches practical strategic expertise with an insight into the specific requirements of organisations.

Scalable Security Services from XFOR

Through an exhaustive vetting and training process, XFOR Security Solutions can quickly and efficiently call on vast resources to suit the changing requirements of any business. In addition, we have access to the latest technologies developed for military use that can now be applied to keeping your organisation safe.

Whatever the scale of your organisation, XFOR Security Solutions has the insight, experience and resources to supply you with a comprehensive security solution.

Protecting Your Premises, Your Employees and Yourself

At every level, security should be of paramount importance to your organisation.

Whether you are facing the threat of personal attack, trespassing on your business address or theft of your high value loads in transit, XFOR Security Solutions has the expertise and national reach to keep your company safe anywhere in the country.

Using a mixture of professionally trained security personnel and advanced technical hardware, XFOR Security Solutions can provide the robust security services you need to conduct your business with confidence and in complete safety. Each of our services are customised to your unique requirements and delivered with diligence and discretion at all times.

Contact us today to see how we can keep your organisation protected and productive.


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